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Facebook and Credit Scores

In addition to your name, Social Security number, birthday, and income, you may soon be asked to provide your Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social network info when applying for a loan. For instance, Lenddo, a startup company, is using this unusual approach and specifically targeting the middle class of developing nations. They hope that maintaining your “online … Continue reading

Traders: Higher Testosterone, Higher Profits

Testosterone and cortisol, two hormones your trading performance may depend on. One makes us more likely to take risks, the other pushes us away from it. John Coates, who previously ran a derivatives desk atDeutsche Bank in New York, has turned his pursuits towards understanding exactly what it is that drives our decisions regarding risk.Businessweek explains his … Continue reading


We are all familiar with the term inflation. Most of the time it refers to prices and money supply, and is discussed on a regular basis. But few mention inflation’s ugly stepchild, “panflation”. Panflation, as coined in an article in the Economist, refers to the inflation of nearly anything besides prices. For instance: “The average British … Continue reading

Is it luck?

Your friend was able to get into that prestigious college. The girl who sits next to you in class received the highest grade on the last exam. On the way to work a man sped by you driving a brand new sports car. The guy living next to you is dating the best-looking girl you’ve … Continue reading

Powerful Nonverbal Communication

Do you tell people that you are powerful…or do you show them? The most important communication you make each day doesn’t depend on what you say as much as it how you appear when you say it. Even the brightest minds can fail to reach success if they have horrible nonverbal communication. Unless you’re counting on finding the rare blind interviewer, … Continue reading

Happiness and Income

Going along with the “money and happiness” theme set in a few of my previous blog posts, I recently came across an article that went hand in hand. It turns out that money CAN buy happiness, BUT it has its limits. For instance, once you reach roughly three times the poverty level, increased income does … Continue reading

Compassion vs. Greed

Have you ever wondered why some of the wealthiest people are often the least compassionate towards those less fortunate? Did their ruthlessness breed financial success or did their success breed ruthlessness? Berkeley psychologists Paul Piff and Dacher Keltner have been trying to determine this chicken and egg scenario. “In one study, Piff and his colleagues … Continue reading

In Pursuit of a Happiness Index

The Earth Institute at Columbia University has produced their first “World Happiness Report”, in an attempt to assign value to what some may argue is impossible. Their goal was simple, to compare various nations happiness with more solid facts and draw conclusions. The report was commissioned by the United Nations Conference on Happiness (not to … Continue reading

Dollar Shaving

Who else is tired of paying outlandish prices for razors and replacement blades? Being an almost Sasquatch-like guy when it comes to growing facial hair, I begrudgingly pay more to Gillette each month than I do on my internet bill. But what if there were a company that would ship you razors and blades each … Continue reading

She’s a BRICS-house

She mighty, mighty, just lettin’ it all hang out. According to digitaljournal.com, BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) are positioned to overthrow the dollar and end US supremacy as the leading superpower. Quote: Among the many subjects discussed by the leaders were the creation of an alternative global lender and dropping the U.S. … Continue reading