Cheating for Charity

Would you cheat for charity? No, I am not talking about having an extramarital affair with your favorite beautiful blonde stripper named Charity. A study at the University of Bath has sought to answer this question, using psychology and economics undergrads as the test subjects. Part of the study involved the students rolling a die … Continue reading

Fear and Loathing on Wall Street

A study by Boston College has found that the extremely wealthy fear greater things than the beach house having termites, Forbes misspelling their name, or the kids picking up a hispanic accent from the housekeeper. Nor are their innermost fears spilling caviar on their ascot, not being able to find a dessert wine that perfectly … Continue reading

Like a stranger

Interesting article on the Kony movement and global problem solving in general from the World Economic forum On a different note, this is a great video that resonates with me. Those of you that know me personally will likely know who this makes me think about. Enjoy. “If you want to become whole, first … Continue reading

Stiglitz reception/speech

I got the chance to meet Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz when he came to Honolulu to give a speech on sustainability. Beforehand, I helped with the reception, attended by Neil Abercrombie, Senator Dan Inouye, Rep. Chris Lee, and many others.

One step closer…

Since I’ve last written I have passed my first set of exams required for me to fully become a financial advisor. This past Friday I took and passed the state health, accident, and life insurance exams, allowing me to sell various insurance and annuities in the state of Hawaii. It’s an exciting step in the … Continue reading

Nail your interviews

So you’ve graduated college and are taking the next big step in life: starting your career. It’s time to find a job in this tough economy. But the worst part? Hundreds of recent college graduates, just like you, are entering the workplace hungry to find that exact same job you are seeking. Your impressive résumé … Continue reading

APEC Internship Links

Here are a few links to things that I wrote while working as an APEC Intern for the University of Hawaii Economic Research Organization. APEC 101 (Blog ran by interns) Students work behind the scenes to prepare for APEC (Written for UH International and UH News)

This hilarious graphic portrays my crazy ex to a tee


It’s been over three months since I’ve written anything, and my creative side is getting restless. I haven’t written a single personal blog post since I first started the site, so I think it’s time I wrote a few. I’ve graduated and no longer work for Ka Leo so I won’t be writing any more … Continue reading

Monkey see, monkey do

Monkeys are commonly known to partake in an unusual activity. When angered or threatened, our evolutionary ancestors are known to fling feces at one another. As evolution has run its course to eventually produce modern man, one would think this odd primate trait would have disappeared. Humans don’t regularly do this (although there have been … Continue reading

99 percent satire, 1 percent truth

The Occupy Wall Street movement against big banks and corporations is pitting the 99 percent against the richest 1 percent and causing changes in the marketplace. The Advertising Analysis Organization of America has discovered the 99 percent slogan is improving sales of condoms and hand sanitizers, while laying off cows at dairy farms. “Any publicity … Continue reading