Dollar Shaving

Who else is tired of paying outlandish prices for razors and replacement blades? Being an almost Sasquatch-like guy when it comes to growing facial hair, I begrudgingly pay more to Gillette each month than I do on my internet bill.

But what if there were a company that would ship you razors and blades each month, similar to your Netflix subscription? And what if it were only a fraction of the cost of most store-bought razors?

The Dollar Shave Club
 hopes to accomplish that by offering razors and replacement blades at a low monthly fee. They currently offer three different choices: a twin blade (ouch) for literally a dollar a month with 5 replacements, a four blade for six dollars with four replacements, and a six blade for nine dollars with three replacements.

Let’s face it. Most of us end up using our blade far longer than we should, and replacing blades is expensive. Yet it’s a necessity to be clean shaven for our jobs. I myself have signed up for Dollar Shave Club, if anything just to check it out. Plus, I’ll admit I’m lazy and forgetful when it comes to buying new blades and the idea of knowing I’ll have a number of them delivered to my doorstep each month appeals to me.

But what do you think? Would you be willing to sign up for this service? And do you see Dollar Shave Club lasting long enough to compete with Gillette?

What do you use for shaving? Does anyone use a straight razor, and if so, where did you get yours? I’ve always been interested in learning how to use one, as I’ve been told nothing achieves a closer shave.


View this on Wall Street Oasis here.


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