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Ka Leo o Hawaii Articles (University of Hawaii at Manoa Student Newspaper)


Advice on how to pull off a successful job interview

“Your impressive résumé you worked so hard to build all throughout college? Bad news: there are hundreds of résumés that could pass as near replicas of your own. Other people have the same GPA, were involved in similar extra-curriculars and clubs, and graduated from universities with similar rankings to your own. But luckily, you don’t get a job offer based solely on your résumé.”

Monkey See, monkey do

Negative campaign ads yesterday and today

“If monkeys resort to hurling their bodily excrements because of fear or anger, why are so many of our politicians so eager to do the same?”

99 percent satire, 1 percent truth

Satirical piece regarding the 99 percent movement

““Our sales of 1 percent milk have been cut in half since the whole thing started,” said John Breinder ofBreinder Dairy Farms. “The 99 percent wants nothing to do with anything related to the 1 percent.””

Is it luck?

Luck vs. realizing potential

“Seemingly tiny missed opportunities add up in the long run. These little opportunities pave the way to the bigger ones, the ones you’ll claim other people got through luck. If you want to be in their shoes, you need to start making the most out of each and every day.”


Study finds swearing reduces stress

“So the next time you have writer’s block and you’re tempted to yell “screw this!,” do it. It could help you. When someone in your group project forgets to do his or her part, let fly a verbal barrage of your favorite words your mother told you not to say. If you leave an important exam feeling like a chimpanzee could have done as well as you, dropping the “F bomb” might actually be good for your health.”

Voices on APEC

Views from various groups and organizations regarding APEC

Globalization Goes Viral

“The frequency of outbreaks has increased over the years, mirroring the path of globalization. For instance, West Nile virus is believed to have arrived in America by mosquitoes stowed away in airplane wheel wells. Global agricultural trade in particular has allowed the spread of animal-borne viruses. Combine these factors with an ever increasing and an ever more crowded population, and you have prime conditions for a pandemic.”

What’s in a name? That which we call a protest

Campus protest group selects controversial name

“While arguments can be made both for and against APEC, and both sides have the right to express their views, is the slogan ”APECSucks” really the best choice for a group that hopes to foster “intellectual debate,” as previously stated by one of its leaders?”

Consumer Democracy: The hidden votes you cast each day

Using your dollars as ballots

“Every time you spend a dollar, you are effectively casting a vote for the company that provides that good or service. Just as when you cast an actual vote for a political candidate, this means that out of all the alternatives, you should agree most with its particular actions and views. But most people don’t even think about it.”

Occupy Wall Street: We’re angry about things and stuff

Lack of unity in protest group detracts from accomplishing any goals

“Simply reading the various signs or hearing the different things being shouted from the streets, you’ll struggle to define the main objective of the protests. You’ll pass a man holding a sign condemning corporate greed, who’s sitting next to a woman passing out anti-war pamphlets, as another man shouts about legalizing marijuana, a woman with a microphone talks about animal cruelty, gay men and women march for greater equality, and a topless woman dances in the street. Is this a protest, or a block party with opinions?”

WTF WTO: The Silent Victims of Trade

World Trade Organization attacks US consumer and environmental policies

“In the past month, the WTO has ruled that both dolphin-safe tuna labels and the U.S. Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act are in fact in violation of the organization’s rules.”

All Bank Accounts are not Created Equal

Economic inequality: the most ignored of all inequalities

“America once believed in fighting for equality: equality of race, of religion, of gender, of opportunity. It is the former that faces the greatest inequality. Every American citizen does not share an equal opportunity for success, and economic inequality grows into an ever-greater divide.”

Steve Jobs: The Apple of our eye

On the resignation of Steve Jobs at Apple

“Without genius Jobs in charge of our technological lives, how could we mere mortals ever hope to survive? However, the sun still rose the next day. The satellites didn’t fall from the sky, the economy didn’t implode. Instead of rioting, people still flocked to Apple stores to purchase iPads, and Skynet is yet to take over the world. Even Apple’s stock stabilized the following day after the initial hit taken during after-hours trading. This begs the question, how important are CEOs to the success of a company?”

What can APEC accomplish?

Welcome back, now give us all your money

When an education isn’t enough 

Debt Deal Puts Republicans in Compromising Position

Abercrombie Overstepping

SEC Whistleblowing

Financial Planning for College Students

What’s the BigDeal?

Life in a Tech Bubble

Student Employment


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