Monkey see, monkey do

Monkeys are commonly known to partake in an unusual activity. When angered or threatened, our evolutionary ancestors are known to fling feces at one another. As evolution has run its course to eventually produce modern man, one would think this odd primate trait would have disappeared. Humans don’t regularly do this (although there have been … Continue reading

99 percent satire, 1 percent truth

The Occupy Wall Street movement against big banks and corporations is pitting the 99 percent against the richest 1 percent and causing changes in the marketplace. The Advertising Analysis Organization of America has discovered the 99 percent slogan is improving sales of condoms and hand sanitizers, while laying off cows at dairy farms. “Any publicity … Continue reading

Is it luck?

Your friend was able to get into that prestigious college. The girl who sits next to you in class received the highest grade on the last exam. On the way to class a man sped by you driving a brand new sports car. The guy living next to you is dating the best-looking girl you’ve … Continue reading


Are you feeling stressed out as the end of the semester approaches? Does the thought of the end-of-semester tasks ahead intimidate you? Maybe you’re slowly realizing that term project you’ve been putting off all semester is due in just a few weeks. Or maybe you’re graduating and haven’t found a place to begin your career … Continue reading

Voices on APEC

MOANA NUI Groups like Pua Mohala I Ka Po and the International Forum on globalization, which are sponsoring a conference called Moana Nui, focus on the way that APEC fails to represent the interests of indigenous peoples and nations – as opposed to “economies” – of the Pacific. According to its website, “Moana Nui is intended to provide a voice and possible direction for the economies of Pacific … Continue reading

Globalization Goes Viral

Modern man is known to have emerged from hunters and gatherers. But the hunters typically steal the limelight from the gatherers. From the primitive hunters who took down mammoths to the hunters who use rifles to take down deer, from the Crocodile Hunter to Dog the Bounty Hunter, people today still display a fascination with … Continue reading

What’s in a name? That which we call a protest

A preschool playground is a rough place. The kid who doesn’t like you pushes you down, puts sand in your hair, and calls you a”poopface.” Maybe you respond by calling him a “butthead,” or perhaps you are more mature and simply walk away. Most people learn to outgrow insulting others, or at least learn to be more … Continue reading

Consumer Democracy: The hidden votes you cast each day

Every morning, John wakes up, takes some time to cast a vote and heads to work. On his way, he briefly stops to cast another vote. Around noon, he goes out to cast another vote before returning to the office. Later in traffic, John’s wife calls and asks him to stop and cast a vote. … Continue reading

Occupy Wall Street: We’re angry about things and stuff

Hundreds or thousands currently gather in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park, depending on the day. Some carry protest signs, some wear costumes, some pass out pamphlets and some antagonize the police force. Many are heard shouting their demands as they march throughout the city. Known as Occupy Wall Street, these protests have even begun to spread elsewhere across the … Continue reading