SEC Whistleblowing

Remember that old saying “snitches get stitches”? Well, the Securities and Exchange Commission has decided to change that, at least in the world of federal securities laws. Based off the new SEC ruling of May 31, 2011, a better saying now may as well be “the snitch gets rich,” as whistleblowers will receive up to … Continue reading

Financial Planning for College Students

College is often an unforgettable experience for those that attend. New friends, new experiences, and the newly gained freedom of living on your own are just a few of the fond memories graduates recall. Many look back in the future and view it as an enjoyable period of life before the real responsibilities of life … Continue reading

What’s the BigDeal?

A Dell notebook computer regularly priced at $730 sells for $48.01. A Kindle 3 with Wi-Fi, normally a $140 purchase, sells for $10.91. A Playstation 3 bundle priced at $400 is bought for only $5.74. No, this is not the black market selling stolen goods, these are brand new products sold and shipped to your … Continue reading

Life in a Tech Bubble

If a new technology bubble were emerging, what advances and innovations would we be left with at the end? Some argue the answer would be very little. Facebook recently received a $50 billion investment from Goldman Sachs, Microsoft has purchased Skype for $8.5 billion, and Groupon, and Zynga have both expressed forthcoming high-value initial public offerings. With LinkedIn valued … Continue reading

Student Employment

Let’s face it. Times are rough and your wallet isn’t as heavy as you’d like it to be.  You head to a restaurant only to find that your favorite dish has risen in price…again.  You start choosing classes dependent upon the resale value of the textbooks at the end of the semester. You try to … Continue reading

It’s Summer…

  Too bad nothing has changed much in terms of my schedule. I’m taking summer courses to graduate early this December, still enjoying my internship with Merrill Lynch, working part time at an unenjoyable job, and battling with incompetent mechanics. A few things have changed, however. I’ve moved into my apartment and am enjoying living … Continue reading