It’s been over three months since I’ve written anything, and my creative side is getting restless. I haven’t written a single personal blog post since I first started the site, so I think it’s time I wrote a few. I’ve graduated and no longer work for Ka Leo so I won’t be writing any more “professional” type posts.

A lot has changed since the last time I wrote about myself. At the time, I was moving into an apartment with my girlfriend and was looking forward to everything that lay ahead (life off campus, graduation, a career). I still accomplished those three things, but not without a few major speedbumps along the way.

In one of my personal posts I mentioned I was moving in with my girlfriend and to “wish us luck”. Apparently no one got that memo (or no one reads this site) because that whole ordeal was anything but “lucky”. Note to self: Screen all future girlfriends for mental illness.This hilarious graphic portrays my crazy ex to a tee

What happened? Well, to make a long story short, our relationship ended with me laying in the street, cheekbone broken in three places, and a fractured rib. The girl beat me? No, I wish. At least then I could have pressed charges against her. No, instead she had a random group of Samoans do it for her because of a small argument we had combined with her mental issues. As the saying goes, “you haven’t lived until you’ve been held down by two men while another larger man stomps your face into the concrete.” Oh, that isn’t a saying? I could’ve sworn that was a line to a nursery rhyme…

I ended up spending the night in the hospital waiting for my girlfriend to show up and make sure I was alright. It turns out she was too busy buying a plane ticket to bail the island the next day. And that is how a relationship of nearly two years crumples. Unfortunately, the drama didn’t stop with her leaving. The mentally unstable girl continued to spread false rumors about me and what happened, making herself into the victim and me the villain. It’s been nearly six months and I still hear of her making new ridiculous rumors about me.

Once all the dust settled from my assault, my surgery, and all the problems associated with the whole ordeal, I was able to get back to focusing on my life. I finished my internship at Merrill Lynch, was promoted to Opinions Editor at the newspaper, and began working as an APEC intern. I finished my last semester of college and was able to find the job I had hoped to find after graduation. I started working for a financial advising firm and I really enjoy it so far. I can see myself making this my career and being successful. It is a ton of hard work and I hardly have any down time to enjoy the Hawaii weather, but I like the challenge.

2011 was a pretty tough year but 2012 has been great so far. I’m excited about where my life is heading and I look forward to having a much better year than 2011 in every way possible.


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