Student Employment

Let’s face it. Times are rough and your wallet isn’t as heavy as you’d like it to be.  You head to a restaurant only to find that your favorite dish has risen in price…again.  You start choosing classes dependent upon the resale value of the textbooks at the end of the semester. You try to convince your girlfriend that steak night at the cafeteria qualifies as a “romantic dinner”. Your main source of income is recycling beer cans from last weekend’s rager. Bottom line: You need a job.

Summer is a great chance to find a part time job and earn some money. Whether or not you’re taking summer courses, odds are you have a lot more spare time than during the regular school year. Even if you only work for the summer, you have plenty of time to earn enough money to at least partially hold you over when school starts back up again. Several jobs will even give you flexible hours to work around your classes.

On Campus

The University of Hawaii at Manoa posts new jobs daily on their Student Employment and Cooperative Education website On the website there are several different filter options such as job program type, location, category, and even a filter that lets you search jobs by schedule availability. This can be a great tool to students who live on campus and do not wish to commute elsewhere for work. Working on campus also provides great flexibility with schedules, as employers will often willingly work around your class schedule. In addition to flexibility, working certain jobs on campus, such as lab assistants, can provide you with valuable experience in a field directly related to your major.


Students wishing to work off-campus might head to Waikiki for their job hunt. With plenty of restaurants, shops, and other companies related to the tourism industry, part time work is bountiful along this famous destination. As tourists flock to the area for summer vacation, now is a great time to find that summer job as employers will need extra help. Waikiki holds a great range of various part-time jobs; from working as a server or hostess in a five-star restaurant to selling booze cruise reservations to people on the street. Students living on campus can catch the number 4 bus to and from Waikiki.

Ala Moana Center

With over 290 shops and restaurants, one of the best places to find work as a student is within this expansive mall. According to Macy’s and Sear’s websites, both stores are hiring, and between these two stores located at opposite ends of the mall lay enough shops to guarantee at least one job opening. Several of the retail stores such as

Armani Exchange, Victoria’s Secret, and Aeropostale often have openings also. Restaurants such as Bubba Gump’s and Assaggio’s are also located in Ala Moana Center. A listing of current openings is posted on Ala Moana Center’s website at Students seeking to work evening hours should head down to Ala Moana Center. In addition, most entry-level retail positions require little to no experience compared to restaurant positions that often require prior industry experience. Ala Moana Center is also just a short bus ride away from campus on the A or 6 bus route.

Spending the entire summer at the beach would be great, but at the same time you have to find a way to pay for the gas to get you there. Working part-time as a student will ultimately help you in the long run financially. And even though working means a little less free time, it also means a little more money to spend on those things you enjoy.


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