It’s Summer…


Too bad nothing has changed much in terms of my schedule. I’m taking summer courses to graduate early this December, still enjoying my internship with Merrill Lynch, working part time at an unenjoyable job, and battling with incompetent mechanics. A few things have changed, however. I’ve moved into my apartment and am enjoying living off campus for the first time. I’m only a short distance away from the beach so if I had the spare time and energy, which is rare, I can walk to the beach to relax or surf. I’ve also started writing a business / economics / finance column for the university newspaper. I’ve enjoyed this so far, and the petty paychecks will hopefully offset any nights I’m slightly down in sales at Macy’s. I’ve begun to look into fall internships for the upcoming semester and am debating between an internship at an investment management firm and an international trade internship with the US Chamber of Commerce. Hopefully once I graduate all these internships and jobs help me to land a career I’ll enjoy.



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